Monday, 31 December 2018

PMP CERTIFIED #175 in 2018

Mohsin Ghauri, PMP®, CSM®, MSc, we at  Education Edge Canada - A PMI REP and IIBA EEP congratulate you on your PMP Certification. A great accomplishment and what a way to end the year. 

The idea of success and dreams becoming reality is to quit talking and begin doing. Success, as with most things, starts with an attitude. When you're struggling, a small burst of inspiration can make the difference.

Once again DAVID ODIGIE, MBA, PMP, PgMP, PfMP, ACP, RMP, P3O, CBAP,CSM and Hemant Dhariyal congratulate you on your tremendous success.

Final PMP Stats for 2018- 175 PMP CERTIFIED. 

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Friday, 28 December 2018

Some of the Success stories of 2018

Celebrations at Education Edge Canada - A PMI REP and IIBA EEP. Remaining approachable after the course completes and engaging students in developing a flawless feedback system some of the reasons why we continue to surpass client expectations. 

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Monday, 24 December 2018

Another success story

Vivek Dave, PMP #165 to pass PMP Certification exam in 2018.

Education Edge Canada - A PMI REP and IIBA EEP continues to deliver value to it PMP Certification Training Participants. 

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Saturday, 22 December 2018

PMP Certification Training at Education Edge

With 2018 at its tail end, we at Education Edge Canada - A PMI REP and IIBA EEP have a lot to remember and celebrate. Here are some memories of our PMP Certification Training.

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Thursday, 20 December 2018

PMP Certification Training , Reshad PMP #157

Reshad Yakubi - PMP #157 at Education Edge Canada - A PMI REP and IIBA EEP. PMP Certification Training at Education Edge continues to deliver exceptional results. 

Reshad, we congratulate you on your success. You have followed a plan diligently and passed PMP WITH ABOVE TARGET. 

Congratulations Reshad and we wish you continued success.  #pmiacp #cbap #iiba #leadership #pmp #pmi #scrum #pgmp #projectmanagement #scrummaster #productdevelopment #scrummasters #businessanalysis #ccba #capm #software

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

PMP Certification Training - a unique milestone

Education Edge Canada - A PMI REP and IIBA EEP - Now over 1000 reviews and 5 star rated

Yesterday Education Edge Canada - A PMI REP and IIBA EEP reaches a unique milestone, we got our 1000 reviews.

Over 200 students overs the course of last few weeks, that participated in the Certification Training Courses gave Education Edge Canada - A PMI REP and IIBA EEP a FIVE STAR rating. Minimum  benchmark that we try to meet for our certification courses including PMP Certification Training is not to meet but SURPASS EXPECTATIONS. 

Now We are one of the very few professional certification Traning school to have over 1000 Five star rating, as a matter of fact all our reviews are 5 star except 2. 

Thank you everyone for you kind support, references and participation in our courses. You have been AWESOME!!!!

“No participant left behind” is our motto.

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PMP Certification Training

Successful March of our PMP Course participants continue as 2018 comes to an end. Here are some success stories from last week Yagnesh Patel , PMP, Reshad, Manvir, Nishit Saha, Givenchy Arabome CSM PMP. 

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Monday, 17 December 2018

PMP #155 and #156

We are the dreamers of the day, that's what makes us dangerous as we act on our dreams with open eyes to make them possible. We are unreasonable people who have decided to FIGHT THE URGE TO BE ORDINARY!!

156 PMP Certified in 2018

Congratulations Manvir and Yagnesh on the grand feet, you are now PMP certified (they both wrote the exam today) and you have successfully completed what you started.  What a great way to start a Monday morning, even more so, end the year with more success stories of PMP Course Participants who have followed the road map, gained the knowledge and demonstrated it in the PMP Certification Exam. 

I have neither known any course or participated in any course where participants have maintained highest level of motivation even after the course completes, it speaks volumes about your dedication, tenacity and ability to manage the constraints. The results will come if the intent is deliberate and the foundation is hard work.

As I congratulate Yagnesh and Manvir, I will also like to congratulate Nishit, who confidently preponed the PMP Exam (yes you heard it right), and got PMP certified last week. A great example of belief in our ability and knowledge.

You success stories motivate us at Education Edge to bring the best out of us and contiue to improve the processes to simplify the PMP Exam Prep.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

PMP Prep Course - Celebration

Nishit Saha, PMP visited Education Edge Canada today. We celebrated his success with a ceremonial cake.

Nishit also surprised us with a cake he brought for Team Education Edge, congratulating us. Thank you Nishit. 

Here we some pictures of another fun filled learning day at Education Edge Canada.

Friday, 14 December 2018

PMP Prep Course - PMP Pass #154

NIshit Saha - PMP #154 Education Edge Canada - A PMI REP and IIBA EEP

Nishit, we at Education Edge Canada, congratulate you on your tremendous success. PMP requires hard work, consistent prep and unwavering focus and you have shown it all. What a great way to end the year and start 2019 with new capabilities and increased project management knowledge. The PMP Prep Course at Education Edge this year has successfuly helped over 154 PMP Course participants attain their PMP certificate. #iiba #projectmanagement #leadership #pmp #scrum  #projectmanagers  #productdevelopment  #cbap  #capm

Sunday, 9 December 2018

176 consultant - congratulations Ravi


I built Talent Connected with a vision to bring together best in class consulting talent which will deliver excellence. Global Mail called us the “Talent Powerhouse”. In 4 years, we have become one of the niche and top consulting firm with 176 consultants. 

The unique nature of Talent Connected is that it is formed out of my passion for Education which led me to start Education Edge Canada. Education Edge Canada in last 10 years has delivered excellence to thousands of Portfolio, Program and Project Management professionals. 

Today I congratulate Ravi on becoming the 176th consultant with Talent Connected Canada. 

4 years ago, I knew we will be big, because our founding principles are Character, Competency and Consistency but never knew it will be this BIG!!


Saturday, 8 December 2018

PMP Prep Course ended Dec 8

PMP Prep Course that started Nov 3 came to an end today. All the participants are motivated to pass the PMP by early Feb 2019.

Friday, 7 December 2018

PMP Certified #152

Givy - Congratulations to you on your success. A job well done. 

Givy had done exceptionally well on all the three 200 questions exams along with knowledge area exams as a part of SPRINT 1.  It is important to stay focused, motivated and strive to achieve the daily goals. The sprint will do the trick as long as we are willing to use our time well. So folks, let's all get PMP Certified.

Givy PMP #152 from Education Edge in 2018

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