Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Soheil Mosavi, PMP

Join me in celebrating Shoeil Mosavi, PMP. The PMP CLUB 2017 now at 58 attempts and 58 passed.

The good news story at Education Edge continues. In 2017 as of now we have maintained  PMP Certification pass rate at 100%. Now 58 attempts at PMP Exam and 58 PMP Certified. Wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate Soheil Mosavi on passing his PMP Exam. Once again Soheil  we are all proud of you. For more info visit us at

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

10,000 views on our PMP BLOG - Education Edge

Yet another milestone at Education Edge. Celebrating 10,000 views of our blog, developed as an authoritative knowledge base in preparing for PMP Exam just for our students.

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Anil Kotian - PMP Certified #57

The good news story at Education Edge continues. In 2017 as of now we have maintained 100% pass rate. 57 attempts at PMP and 57 PMP Certified. Wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate Anil Kotian on passing his PMP. A great achievement and that too for life. Once again Anil we are all proud of you.

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Guidelines for PMP application

At Education Edge in our PMP COURSE, we provide all the help in every aspect of PMP. Therefore we are now called The One Stop PMP shop. Here are the Guidelines for filling up a PMP application:

Guidelines for filling the application:

1. Please provide only a line about your project. It does not matter what your project is, what matters to PMI is what did you do as  a project manager / lead. Use the following blurb as a part of your project description (considering you have only 500 characters, having all the key words below is critical).

The purpose of the project was -------------------. I was accountable for end to end execution of the project. 

Developed the Idea creation, project charter and

Identified the stakeholders & developed the project management plan along with subsidiary plans. Managed the budget along with resources, change request & change management. Facilitated resolution of issues & risks.

Delivered the project on time and ensured successful transition along with lesson learned.

2. Have 3 projects, like in the sample application that was sent to you. Please do not overlap the timelines of your project. Steer away from entering just one project or showing you are a part of the program. Based on the historical data, PMI does not seem to like Program content in project management application.

3. The application is simple. however does require around 2 hours. When Dave and I usually fill up the application,s we tend to block some time in our calendars and get it done in one sitting. A library or a Coffee Shop are some places that you can use to fill up my application.

4. This is a project management certification and your role must align with it. Please use Project lead or project manager or program manager for your role. If you are a test lead I will fill up the Role Column as Project Lead / Test Manager.

5. The best practice around allocating hours to various process groups or phases is as follows. Try to keep your hours within the range provided below.

Initiating - 10% - 12% of your project Duration

Planning - 15% - 25% of your project Duration

Executing - 25% - 40% of your project Duration

Monitoring and Controlling - 15% - 25% of your project Duration

Closing - 5% - 10% of your project Duration

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Rachel speaking about another success story

Meeting expectations is not sufficient, delivering excellence requires surpassing expectations of our Stakeholders. That’s what we do at Education Edge as well as Talent Connected. Our consulting practice delivers value to over 50 organizations. We have established PMOs, taken them to a level of maturity and most importantly helped evolve organizational practices. We are a lean company with optimized processes. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

NOV 26 course officially closed - 24 participants enrolled

The PMP Certification course starting November 26 is officially closed...we are now enrolling for the January 13th session with a few spots remaining.  Visit our website or call today to reserve your seat 647.620.9490.  - 

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

PMBOK 6 arrival- let’s embrace the new change

Lately we have received so many inquiries from Project Managers that are in a panic to pass the PMP Exam before it changes to align with the new PMBOK6.  
For anyone who has attempted the exam recently or is in the rhythm of studying – you should definitely try to clear it before the changes are introduced at the end of March 2018.

Those that have not cracked open the Fifth Edition for the first time yet you may want to start with the PMBOK6 instead for many reasons.

1.) A lot has happened since the Fifth Edition was first released at the end of 2012.  Why learn from the dated standard when the new one is available.  That would be like installing Windows 7 when 10 is available and the trend is moving towards the Cloud (maybe not the best analogy, but you get my point! )

2.) There is a greater focus on Agile/Adaptive methodologies in the Sixth Edition.  For most of us this is our reality as it has become the preferred approach for most organizations – not just IT and the banking industry anymore. 

3.) The structure of the PMBOK has also changed, it’s now divided into 3 parts: the Guide, the Standard and Supporting section

4.) There is an entire Chapter dedicated to the role of a Project Manager

With these and many other changes, we are busy updating all our course material and revising our Exam Engine to prepare our students for PMBOK6 starting with our January 2018 session.  For more information visit us at or drop by our Mississauga office.  - 
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Monday, 13 November 2017

Expectations Adherence Indicator

Increase the Expectations Adherence Indicator on the projects by understanding, managing and finally meeting Stakeholders needs. 

Important tool that that can help achieve this will be to  conduct facilitation sessions with Stakeholders to separate needs from desires.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Hemant Dhariyal, speaking at Young President’s Organization

Hemant Dhariyal presents to leaders in a banking conference. Hemant spoke about the balancing Strategy, Tactics and Operations to stay aligned with meeting vision and mission of the organization.

Education Edge- MasterClass Program

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Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Happiness = Reality / Expectations

Happiness is the ratio of REALITY FROM EXPECTATIONS. When Reality and Expectations lose alignment unhappiness triggers in. 

Happiness = Reality / Expectations

Projects also fail when stakeholders Expectations and the perceptions of value that stakeholders  feel they will get from a new process is not met. Stakeholders at times are guilty of presenting requirements as demands that are non-negotiable and we as project leaders fail to balance them with reality by presenting  constraints associated with stakeholders expectations.