Friday, 27 October 2017

Sandeep Gill- A Unique Feat- Education Edge PMP CERTIFIED # 55

A unique feat by Sandeep Gill yesterday. He got PMP Certified on 26 October. The uniqueness of the feat is not getting PMP Certified (at Education Edge we maintain a 100% pass-rate), however it is the exceptional result. Sandeep passed PMP with “Above Target” on all the Process Groups (competencies PMP Exam tests you on). In 2010, Dave and I were also part of this elite PMP GROUP with Above Target (those days PMI  used “Proficient”  and there were only 78 people in the world. 

Sandeep we at Education Edge take this opportunity to congratulate you on this tremendous feat. We are proud of your achievement and most importantly showing others that “YES WE CAN”. 

PMP is one of the most valued credential and can add value to your career path and at times put you around phenomenal people. 

Great Job Sandeep.


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