Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Congratulations Manish on getting PMP Certified.

Another milestone for Education Edge. Manish Hora is now PMP CERTIFIED. We at EDUCATION EDGE congratulate you on the tremendous success. Hard work along strong will and persistent approach is what is required to get PMP CERTIFIED. I congratulate you on you success and welcome you to EDUCATION EDGE PMP CLUB.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

CHIDI- congratulations on getting PMP CERTIFIED

Doing things over and over leads to excellence. In the modern world of management excellence must become a habit to stay competitive, sooner that state is attained better we become at delivering value.

EDUCATION EDGE keeping its promise with our students OF DELIVERING EXCELLENCE. Today we congratulate Chidi on attaining PMP. Our 38th PMP PASS OUT of the year and a near perfect pass rate. 

Chidi- welcome to EDUCATION EDGE's PMP Club.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

One of it's own kind - Education Edge PMP 28 Day Sprint

Good afternoon Folks:

First of all I wanted to say thank you to all of you for attending Education Edge PMP Course. I hope you enjoyed the experience of learning. I have believed that education should be simpler, easier and faster and most importantly must take participants from current state towards a positive change. In an effort to maximize benefits out of this course and as discussed in class, I have decided to put together a 28 day plan - A SPRINT!!


This is Education Edge's effort to motivate all our PMP May 2017 course participant's to undertake this journey to attain their PMP Designation. I don't think ever before effort of this magnitude has been undertaken (atleast not known to me) by a training provider and my hope is that all of us in the end will be ever more closer to being" PMP Certified".

So what are we waiting, let's get going:

Education Edge Presents "PMP DECODED" 
Program Vision and Mission: PMP Certified
Values that we will demonstrate: Hardwork, Diligence and Productive behavior. Most importantly accountability towards self.
Goal: Getting ready for Education Edge 200 Question Exam Mid-August
Start Date: Monday, July 17

You will start receiving emails from Monday onwards with daily tasks.